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You're Still HERE! Fuckin' Awesome! Now, here's more info on the band and what we're about to do!


In the middle of the first lockdown, when The survival of the human race was very uncertain, Polly and Fabz decided to Jump into a black hole and started a new Musical ADVENTURE...
All that happened, happened out of pur love for music and boredom And Man....
They have been very bored!


SCULFORGE is Now The One And Only high speed power metal band hailing from Germany.
The band plays a Bastard of Power and Thrash Metal with a Melodic and modern Edge: Rough, fast and relentless Yet Technical and Catchy as fuck! 


Polly's love for everything RPG, Computer Games & SciFi literature and his story writing skills
led to the decision to Create a Sci Fi Story Galore! Just a bit inspired by WARHAMMER 40K!
A world where there's no progress except on the battlefield is perfect for High Speed Power metal, after all, right?!
The idea behind Sculforge is to have fun writing and playing the music the band members like to hear themselves, Because no one Else does it!



The First Album
"Intergalactic Battle Tunes.... Stories from  Behind the dark Side of the Moon to the Milky Way and Beyond!"
is already recorded, Mastered And Ready To set the Galaxy on Fire! (FIRE! FIRE!)
As if that's not enough, SCULFORGE already has a 4 Track EP in the works, 
that will be finished very soon!
You wanna hear the demos? Just scroll down a bit!




A Glorious Video Shoot for The Song "Glorious" ;-) is planned in Berlin and Live Gigs will follow!
Somehow the band managed to get some reviews for their early demo stuff.
>>HERE<< and >>HERE<< you'll find the reviews. Now it's your turn!


...cause Otherwise we're gonna find you, drink all your
beer, empty your fridge and kidnap your Cat!


Aye Caramba!
If you want you can call us Now! +49 (0) 151 70056421 or send us a mail >>HERE<<